How are we responding to COVID-19?

CSz Las Vegas understands the importance of maintaining social distancing and quarantining procedures throughout the state of Nevada. We would never want to put our team or our loyal fans at risk. For that reason, we have postponed all our live matches indefinitely--but that doesn't mean you have to stop seeing us!

from the comfort of your home!

Virtual Matches

Virtual Matches

Practicing safe social distance doesn't mean you can't get your funny fix! Our Virtual Matches are performed every single Saturday. Watch as our players compete for your LOLs, while maintaining social distancing guidelines. Our players are in their homes excited to bring some laughter to yours!

Register below to virtually attend through a Zoom webinar below. There are only 100 attendees spots available, so make to register early!


5/23/2020              ComedySportz Las Vegas                7pm PST

We understand that these times can be financially difficult for many people. That is why we are keeping these virtual matches 100% free to watch. If you are enjoying what we're doing, please consider supporting us with any payment amount below. Thank you, Loyal Fans!

And remember Loyal fans,

Wash Your Hands!

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