Updated: Feb 8, 2019

As a single 30-something male with no children of my own, seeing the phrase “All Ages” attached to my entertainment choices tends to turn me away. Obviously I won’t be buying tickets for myself to see The Wiggles, Raffi, or Sharon, Lois & Bram at my age (am I dating myself yet?). However, many other events, concerts and shows relevant to my life advertise “All Ages”, and it makes me question my attendance.

That’s not the case with ComedySportz. Here, “All Ages” does not mean “Only for Kids”. With ComedySportz, All Ages means entertainment and comedy that can be appreciated by anyone, regardless of age.

ComedySportz being All Ages simply means we don’t say bad words, we don’t do lewd actions, and we respect the wide variety of Loyal Fans watching our match. We leave the toilet humor at home.

Attend a ComedySportz match at The Space, and you’ll have kids seated to your left sharing popcorn, and adults sipping a cocktail or beer to your right. All of the Loyal Fans of all ages are there to share a fun and funny experience.

When it comes to humor, everyone laughs at different things. Take any two random adults and tell them ten jokes, and both will laugh at different jokes. The same is true of kids and adults enjoying the same experience. I took my nephew to see Incredibles 2 in theaters. We both laughed, sometimes together, but often at different gags and stunts. Surprising no one, Disney understands All Ages entertainment. So does ComedySportz.

Personally, as a performer who can sometimes “go blue” in other shows, especially when it is improv, performing in an All Ages show is a great reminder that we don’t need to be controversial or lewd to be entertaining, that being real and honest can get laughs and entertain.

For example, let me tell you about Becky. During a ComedySportz match at The Space, we played the game Advice Panel, where Loyal Fans ask the players, who each create a unique character, for advice on a topic. I played as Becky, an overly eager high schooler with rapid fire speech and an annoying level of energy and enthusiasm.

After the show, when meeting our loyal fans, both old, young and in between, told me how they know a Becky in their lives, or have known a Becky, and found the portrayal honest and hysterical.

At the next match, several returning Loyal Fans, all under the age of 10, ran up to me before the match to say hi to “Becky”. As their parents rounded them up to bring them to their seats, they commented on how they too remembered Becky and hoped they’d see her again. Sorry, improv doesn’t work that way, but it meant the world to me to hear it.

There were no bad words or lewd themes or toilet humor, just a quirky personality that everyone recognized and enjoyed watching. Becky is someone that All Ages could enjoy, and I enjoyed playing as her as well.

With this new insight and experience, I’m more open to give other All Ages events a chance. If you’re like me, and usually avoid All Ages entertainment, I hope you are willing to give ComedySportz a shot if you haven’t already. Who knows, if Raffi goes on tour again, maybe I’ll even snag myself a ticket and sing and dance along to Baby Beluga with all of the ages.

Written by Ross Horvitz

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