Bringing the World to Las Vegas

What do you get when you put over 300 ComedySportz players and managers from 30 different cities in Philadelphia to celebrate CSz World Championships?

I’m still working on that punch line. And that might because this thing was no joke.

From July 22nd to the 27th, CSz Philadelphia and the city of Brotherly Love put on an epic display of fun, education and teamwork. As a first-year manager of the CSz Las Vegas team, I had been told repeatedly by my partners, Justin and Lana Green, who’ve been to several CSz Championships over the years, how amazing the experience was. No matter how big they made it, they undersold it.

Instant friendship, gratitude, inspiration, collaboration and fun exploded from the first get-together at a riverfront bar where hearing was rated low on the most important scale. Hugs, laughs and oversized Jenga ruled the night.

Morning meetings in the Wilma Theater were filled with comedic bits that happened in the moment - a failing bit of tech, forgetting someone’s name or the reason why a person was even on stage at the moment all led to nicknames, facepalms and laughter.

Conversations about bad behavior by Italian teenagers at the hotel’s continental breakfast, which workshop you were signed up for and who was playing in the evening’s MainStage events bounced and bubbled in every which way. Each day was an immersive, sunup to sundown experience - with sleep optional for some.

As much as anything, the week reaffirmed my understanding that I’m part of something much bigger than myself. CSz Worldwide has been doing this for over 35 years and it’s our job to share that mojo with Las Vegas.

As a resident for nearly 20 years, I’ve always seen the incredible potential of this city -

more than just The Strip. There is a growing community that wants more fun, team-building and all ages entertainment. I’m thrilled to say we are built locally and supported worldwide to serve the positive growth of Las Vegas.

In not quite a year, we’ve worked with Nellis Air Force Base, performed for over 9000 fans at halftime for the Las Vegas Lights and trained employees at Amazon and Cisco on communications, team building and empathy. We’ve also taught at a variety of schools, from elementary through college, developed fantastic local talent, run summer camps, and have had weekly matches for our growing Loyal Fan base at The Space. They’ve let us know we’re on a good track by writing things like this:

“It’s lots of fun and really makes me happy,” - Rebecca B

“So glad you are finally doing shows here!” - Rob S

“I wanna do this when I’m older because it looks fun!” - Rylee C

“Every show I see gets better” - Matthew S

“Love the format. Thanks for making it clean. Tough to bring to bring my daughter to many shows here” - Austin R

“Thank you for giving me something to do every single weekend!” Troy M

“Excellent Show. We will be back” - Robin S

Thank you, Las Vegas, for giving ComedySportz Worldwide its newest home right here in our valley. We look forward to having a great time with you at our next match on Friday, Aug. 9th at The Space!

CSz Las Vegas is excited to help make your holiday and birthday parties, corporate events and training, school and church events even more fun. Give us a call in the office at 702-623-3700 or drop us an email to let us know how we can bring the fun to you.

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