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Updated: Oct 23, 2018

ComedySportz Las Vegas (CSz LV) is holding auditions in January 2019. We need the next wave of Pro Roster players to join our team as the show is now up and our opportunities are growing.

To get you primed for the audition and understanding more about what CSz LV is, we’re starting a Rec League. We’ll play on Tuesday nights from 7-9p. It costs $10 per class. There’s no start up or registration fee, just a great way to into the scene, have some fun with other improvisers and learn how we play at CSz LV, so you can bring your A-game to auditions.

“Rec League” might sound like a funny term for improvisation, but it fits when you understand a bit about ComedySportz. It seems like only about half the improvisers I run into are even mild sports fans. As a junkie for both sides of this divide, here’s why I think Rec League is such a great way to run improv:

I played a lot of basketball growing up. I loved the game, due in part to early success on a high school team that played for the California state championship. We got trounced by perennial power Mater Dei in the finals, but so it goes for pagan public schools like ours.

Basketball was different in my twenties. I moved south to Los Angeles and pursued a career in film. There was no more formal practice or team. My game was pick up, recreation or intramural league. I played games wherever I could find them, from Venice Beach to Rogers Park. One of my films, “The Playaz Court”, was loosely inspired by some of my experiences in Inglewood.

I learned a lot in these games - about myself, opponents and the craft itself. We’d play for hours at a time and it felt like it went by in seconds. Tired wouldn’t set in until later. Then again, I was in my 20’s, so tired didn’t yet have a regular place in my body.

One thing I loved about visiting a new gym was getting to know the rules. While basketball is fairly standard wherever you go, the gym’s rules and its players shape the game in each particular environment. Sometimes simple and primary like “no spitting” or “no cursing” - sometimes more detailed, instructing how to call for the next game or keep score. The rules help define the character and quality of the play.

It’s the same with CSz Las Vegas Rec League. ComedySportz founder, Dick Chudnow, has a list of rules for playing ComedySportz in our arenas (note: they’re not “theaters”). Here are a few:

  • Check your ego at the door. In fact, throw it away.

  • We work as a group — as a team. We share focus. All our work is teamwork.

  • Our focus is to make our teammates look good.

  • The player should keep a “yes” attitude the entire match.

  • The player should encourage his or her teammates.

  • The player should sacrifice for the good of the team, the match and the show.

  • The player should carry off the structure and format convincingly and effectively.

  • The player should create the illusion of friendly competition.

  • Try not to compare yourself to anyone.

  • Always try to improve by learning and practicing.

  • If you have low ego problems, remember: "You have suffered enough."

  • You can be eternally successful; you do not have to be perfect to be anything at all.

  • The player needs to find a point of concentration, a focus, something to get lost in while playing.

  • Don’t be afraid of making decisions. You can make any decision the right decision. Never take yourself seriously, but take what you do seriously.


Improv is a wide open form. It’s played and used in many forums - for comedy, drama, education, corporate training, even police work. The tight-knit formula that makes ComedySportz is special for the reasons on Dick’s list and so many more that can only truly be appreciated by participating. We play hard, we play fast and we play together. And, most importantly to me, we always have each others backs.

We’re excited to bring ComedySportz to Las Vegas. We hope you’ll come to a show and a Rec League session to shot to see if it’s right for you.

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