ComedySportz: Because We’re Human

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

To be flawed is to be human. Pretending to be anything else is a lie, a dream, a wish for something beyond reality. And yet, that is what we do daily. We strive to hide our imperfections and exaggerate our better qualities. We constantly try to present an image without blemishes, because the thought of the potential embarrassment of the world seeing our flaws, our awkwardness, our imperfections, our stumbles, our blunders, or our insecurities is too much.

It is this rationale that draws me to ComedySportz. Comedy is the truth of our human condition. In comedy, we don’t hide behind a false reality, we acknowledge that as humans we are often inappropriate, illogical, and unsure, and that it is ok to be and we can rejoice in it. We can laugh at all our failures and mistakes, and ComedySportz gives us a place to do that.

The comedian takes the roll of getting on stage, highlighting our imperfections and publicly proclaiming “I’m not perfect”, and the audience then has the permission to laugh at our common truth. It frees us all from the mask we wear daily, and says, embrace you and your flawed nature. It reminds us that we are all in the same game of life, and that maybe it’s silly to take it too seriously.

- By Brandy Little

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