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Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Since most of my improv experiences have been based in the Las Vegas area (which has generally been on the smaller side compared to other cities in terms of improv opportunities), I was excited to have found this art form, but was also left wishing I didn’t have to leave the state to experience some of the bigger improv names out there.

That’s why when I heard that ComedySportz was coming into town, I was pretty excited to have an established brand and program available right here at home. And this was true not only for learning and performance opportunities, but just for the pure entertainment value as well.

I had seen ComedySportz in Chicago, and I’d been taught for years by a huge ComedySportz fan and alumnus, so it wasn’t hard to connect the dots on what this meant for our city.

But hearing someone try to explain it, or thinking through old memories of a show you saw in the past, really can’t compare to being a part of the whole experience yourself. The energy and excitement that is built into the whole show and program is pretty special!

Right from the very first practice I attended, their whole goal was to get us pumped to play, and going further, even pumped to practice, and pumped to just be involved in such a fun community.

All that building of momentum, from the practices months beforehand, right up to the warmups you do before a match, lead to this huge explosion of energy right when those doors open and the fans start pouring in.

There’s electricity in the air. It’s infectious. Even before a single person steps on stage, the atmosphere is already buzzing with anticipation. And this happens for both the fans in the audience as well as the players waiting backstage, even if they’re not interacting directly, almost as if by magic.

And once the match begins, it somehow gets bumped up past a 10 to levels of fun and excitement you just can’t explain in words. The 1.5 hour show is a whirlwind of laughs, victories and losses, thrills and spills, and teamwork and competition, and you’re left with the biggest adrenaline rush long after the match comes to a close.

And that’s what ComedySportz has meant to me in my time with them. It’s brought a level of excitement and energy into improv that you don’t really find anywhere else.

To see your fellow players giving their all, and to watch the fans become just as much a part of the show, and to see an entire room full of people go on this wild, fun, and wildly fun ride together is something truly magical. I can try to explain it in words, but it doesn’t compare to getting yourself in the room and soaking it all in yourself.

Whatever the score ends up being for the night, you feel like you’ve won thanks to all that ComedySportz brings. And the best part? You never have to wait long to do it all over again!

- Written by Ryan Neufeld

Ryan is one of the original Pro Roster Players for ComedySportz Las Vegas. He will be hosting Rec League on Tuesday, Dec. 11th at The Space from 7-9p. No experience necessary, $10, drop in, hilarious fun for everyone. email: for more details.

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