Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Deep down, I think all of us are looking for connection. We are all looking for the perfect recipe of giving and receiving, and we all want to be seen for who we truly are and be loved for it. Improv has been the path that has lead me to that.

When I began doing Improv just over a year ago, I had no idea that it would be one of the most important choices I had ever made. It has completely transformed me. I have more trust in myself and in others. I look at the world differently now.

I reflect back often to the first practice I attended for ComedySportz Las Vegas in June 2018. I walked into a room filled with people. I knew some, but the majority were strangers. Today, those people are some of my closest friends. It’s amazing how quickly we all grew to know and love one another. We all are able to be completely ourselves, and we each bring a unique energy to the team. Not to mention, we have so much fun together!

I also had no idea when I walked into my first ComedySportz practice that I would be gaining so many friends who weren’t even in that room. ComedySportz is worldwide! That means that there are people all over who we are able to play with if we travel, and they are also able to travel to us! I have already met so many wonderful people from so many different places. It’s such a gift to be part of such a vast and supportive community.

When you love something so much, you just want the whole world to know about it. I want to tell everyone about how amazing it is. I think the best way to go about it is to summarize what it has given me, and that is connection. I feel more connected to others, more connected to my creativity, more connected to the community, and more connected to myself. We talk about giving gifts to our scene partners a lot in Improv. To me, Improv is the gift.

Connect with Tonia and the rest of the ComedySportz team at our matches, every Sunday. Loyal Fans unite! Or, deepen that connection by jumping in the proverbial sandbox with us. Our next classes begin in April 2019 - mark your calendars. Better yet, email us so we can save you a spot. #everybodyplays

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