Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Stage

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

I started doing improv a little over four years ago during my junior year of high school. My friend begged me to join the theatre club cause I was one of the few people who need might be interested in that kind of thing. An all technical academy with no theatre or any music classes doesn't really attract the type of kids who do theatre - who'd have thunk it? Even with my addition we were still too small for a play so we played improv instead.

I was an awkward, 16-year old loudmouth who craved attention more than a fish craves water. I always had something to say: a joke, a fact, some incohesive ramble that left the train station at 8:00 going 50 miles per hour from St. Louis to Detroit while another train from Detroit was leaving at 6:15 going 35 miles per hour the other way.

Bottom line: I was that weird kid who no one understood half the time.

Finding a place where there are no wrong answers, where always having something to say is an asset rather than something detrimental, was intriguing to me. I had a place where I belonged, even if it was just me and three other kids in a portable meeting once a week.

Little did I know that this little club was much bigger than just my school. We were just one of many schools in a league called High School Jesters. Right after winter break, the season started and I actually got to play improv in front of an audience in the comedic gladiator battle that is competitive improvisational comedy.

The first show was a turning point in my life. Performing on stage was absolutely intoxicating; the laughs, the applause, and even the groans from my unbearable puns made me thirst for more. I’d finally found something that I loved doing more than anything else.

That year I played improv at every opportunity after school, hanging out with friends, even by myself. I tried to use a little of what I learned in improv every day during “normal situations” and found myself enjoying everything way more by “yes, and-ing” life.

My latest improv adventure is the amazing group that is CSz Las Vegas. At the start, I thought it would be just like any other improv troupe. But now I know that it's something much bigger. ComedySportz is everything I love about improv: high energy, fast paced, extremely funny, and this crazy game you have to see called “Six Things”.

All the games are played just differently enough from how I learned them that relearning has been a blast. In addition, being surrounded by such talent and getting to grow and learn from some of the best improvisers in this town has been tremendous fun. I'm excited at how much I've grown as a performer in this past year and am even more excited to see where I'll be in just another year.

While I’m still thirsty, and hope I always will be, I can now drink from the CSz pool of water. I’ve got my team, and as we always say to each other, “I’ve got your back”.

Editor's Note: You, too, can come play in our pool by signing up for classes, rec league or being an awesome Loyal Fan at our matches. #everybodyplays...even the “weird kid who no one understood half the time.”

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