Updated: Feb 8, 2019

That’s the first thought that came into my mind after being contacted about being a part of CSz Las Vegas.

I became aware of ComedySportz in the spring of 2013, about 6-8 months into my improv journey. During this time I was looking up all the improv I could get (performing it, reading about it, researching it online). I stumbled upon CSz Worldwide’s website. It was presented as competitive improv comedy for everyone (all ages). It was red vs. blue. And it was holding its World Championship in July - with a little countdown timer on the right side of the page in my hometown of Buffalo, NY...wait, what?

My father introduced the British “Whose Line is it Anyway?” to me in the late ‘90s and I was hooked immediately. I may not have known the specific skills going on, but I followed the games, the performers’ reactions with each other, and it was hilarious every time I watched. It didn’t matter if I’d seen the episode hundreds of times before......still doesn’t.

To find out Buffalo had essentially its own ”Whose Line” since 1993 was exciting, but to find out the World Championships landed within the two-week time frame of my summer trip back? Oh boy. I made took my family to see 90% of the shows that week, seeing the same qualities from Whose Line throughout and also seeing a whole new side of games to play.

I may or may not have taken the games Dead Trout, Two Chairs, Scoop It, World Without a Letter, and Google Translator from these shows and brought them back to play in Las Vegas, but I digress...

It was a blast for me to watch and the fact that my family enjoyed it was huge. It was the first time I could show them what I was getting into, what I was passionate about in Las Vegas. Over the years, I’ve hoped Vegas could get a ComedySportz show, if only for me to get a chance to perform on the field in front of my family. I’m a four-hour flight away from them, and while seeing posts on Facebook or calls about “how’s improv going” are nice, it’s not the same as being in the audience, watching it happen live.

When I learned CSz Las Vegas was happening, I immediately jumped on board. The practices were fast, high-energy, and everyone involved has been game-on throughout the process. Performing, tech-ing, learning, it’s been fantastic! Finally...I got my chance.

I cannot thank CSz Las Vegas and CSz Buffalo enough for allowing me the chance to perform in Buffalo in late 2019. My family, who are not performers. nor do they wish to be put on stage whatsoever, were given front row seats - bravo! They really enjoyed it. My dad made a suggestion/wisecrack about work that made everyone laugh. Just to worry my mother, I spent about 80% of the match on the field flailing and flying around; don’t ask me to touch my toes anytime soon, that’s all I’m gonna say.

The following night was filled with music, Phil Collins, and more flailing with Replay at Bernie’s (and more games to bring back!)

When people ask me who ComedySportz is for, I say "your family, your friends, sports buddies, doesn’t matter"! Come to watch our shows, come to play (we have Rec League jam nights and classes), come to be a part of a unique, high-energy, fast-paced night of competitive improv comedy!

- Written by Stephen Rokitka

Stephen is even more high energy in person. Like he says, #everyoneplays. We hope to see you at our next match, rec league or class.

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