Finding Nikki (she's a lot like Dory)

I have the heart of a wanderer and the attention span of a goldfish (maybe a Blue Tang?). I’m generally not someone who stays in one place for long. Historically, I will move to a new city or country roughly once a year, never fully planting roots This is a lifestyle that can sometimes be difficult, but it’s the one I had chosen for the majority of my early twenties. I found myself drifting from place to place, never quite finding somewhere that felt like home.

Then, I moved to Las Vegas and re-found my love for improv. I found what I had been searching for: Community. It was something I didn’t even realize I was missing until it was thrust into my life through the gentle nudge of fellow CSz LV Pro Roster player, Jasmine Kojouri. That’s one of the wonderful things about improv: Our job on stage is to support our partners, regardless of the wacky situations we may wind up in. We are trained to be there for each other. You can safely imagine what kind of magical people that attracts!

We are the people who will help you move, pick you up from the airport, do all of the things that other people may find annoying. We do it with a smile on our face and performing bits along the way. The community here is one of the most supportive ones I have ever encountered in my years of traveling. Improvisors show up for each other.

We just do.

That’s the beauty of ComedySportz. It’s a community. It’s a family. A family that you can visit just about anywhere you end up. A family that will be there for you 100%, even if you don’t know them that well!

Between our pro players, our refs, and, of course, our loyal fans, we have created this beautiful and awe-inspiring community of love and acceptance. Be as weird as your heart desires. We’ll be just as weird with you.

We here at ComedySportz Las Vegas have your back, and we know you have ours.

--written by Nikki Souza

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