Fly your freak flag with us

Hello, world! If you've found yourself on this blog, you might you might be curious about the world of obscure sports. You're in the right place because there's no better obscure sport that Competitive Improvised Comedy.


"What is Competitive Improvised Comedy?" you may be asking. Well, I'm so glad you asked! 

At Comedy Sportz we've got all the looks, sounds, and smells of Competitive Comedy on lock. A ComedySportz show looks like quick, energetic cuts of goofiness and glory. It sounds like orchestrated magic. And it smells like pure gold (or is that the delicious buttery popcorn on sale at every match?) We're a dedicated group of lunatics who "play to win, but we don't care if we lose" as our founder, Dick Chudnow, puts it.  We don’t care if we lose because at the end of the day we’re just happy to play with each other for our loyal fans.

ComedySportz truly embodies team spirit while simultaneously fostering an environment to create your own individual character. We count on one another and work together to reach the end goal — the goal of giggles. Competitive, comical magic only happens on the field when you check all your fears & insecurities at the door and truly trust yourself to just. be. you. I know that is hard and scary for some individuals to even think about, but we have each other’s backs and that is when the unique-goofy-quick-creative-greatness comes together on the field.

Winning isn’t the best part about a ComedySportz match. It’s the pure joy shown on your teammate's face when you understand a clue they have given to you in gibberish. Or the smirk you get when you’ve blanked on a rhyme your teammate just set up for you. Those moments are the nuggets of love we take home after every show, but the big wins in Comedy Sportz are the undeniably strong friendships and the confidence you gain in yourself. 

Big cheers to ComedySportz for sharing this unique experience with people all over the world. Yes, you read that correctly (you're not as drunk as you thought you were!). You can watch a match in almost any city you travel to! That’s how contagious this funny business is. I know that I am personally addicted to it. I can’t thank ComedySportz enough for welcoming me so whole-heartedly into this hilarious amazing community. 

May your freak flag fly! 

- Written freakily by Jordan Krulewitz.

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