Getting to Know: Alex Kuehn

How long have you been improvising?

I have been improvising for coming up on three years now I think. I first started preforming improv thanks to the Silverado High School Jesters team. The first game I ever played in a show was their version of ‘Try that on for size,’ which was an absolute blast. After I graduated I was recruited to both coach for the Jesters program along with CSz Las Vegas. I’ve been performing both short and long form with the community ever since!

What got you wanting to improvise?

I can thank the great team at the Twin Cities ComedySportz branch for my original love of improv. Specifically my Great Uncle Todd Price, who is one of the Twin Cities musical directors! I got to see ComedySportz shows from a young age thanks to him and their stellar roster was awesome to watch. A few weeks ago I had the honor to head back up to Minnesota and play a round of New Choice in a match with them recently, and it put into perspective how much they inspired my love of comedy and theatre. 

What is your favorite thing about ComedySportz?

The community. When you first think of ComedySportz you think of the match, the thing you buy a ticket for. The match itself is made of so many little parts and roles that everyone on the roster gets to be a part of everything we do. Everything from the concessions stand to the ticket booth to tech is part of the atmosphere and everyone gets a chance to shine during each match. Not to mention the amazing community we have surrounding the program, and all the amazing opportunities we have to be ourselves in it.

Favorite Comedy film or TV show?

For films, my favorites would be Monty Python and the Holy Grail and The Princess Bride. I’m a huge fantasy nerd and these films capture all the hilarity that ensues in something like a Dungeons and Dragons game. As for TV, I would have to go with The Muppet Show and Brooklyn 99. Not much to explain why I like these, I just like Andy Samberg and the Muppets.

Two truths and a lie about you:

* I have a dozen max level characters in World of Warcraft.

* I am a state champion in Informative Public Speaking.

* I cannot ride most hanging and standing coasters due to my height.

Though we tend to think there may be at least two lies up there, we welcome your thoughts. Please post your guesses about Alex's two truths and a lie on our Facebook page.

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