Getting to Know: Glenn Heath

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

How long have you been improvising?

I've been improvising for 25 years.  I got my start in Pittsburgh back in 1995 with a local troupe "The Susquehanna Hat Company" and I've performing ever since.  I trained with The Second City in Las Vegas, and have had long running shows in Vegas including the competitive improv show "Free Beer", and the all audience participation show "All You Can 'Improv' Jam"; both of which ran for over 3 years. I've had the privilege to perform at the Excalibur, Palace Station, The Silverton, and Bourbon Street Casinos, as well as for corporate and sporting events including the LV Lights FC, the Pittsburgh Pirates Opening Weekend and for the NBA Summer League. I've taught classes and workshops in LA, Reno, Pittsburgh, and of course in Las Vegas, as well as for the Nevada Thespian Society and for the Clark County School District.  All told I've performed in over 2,500 improv shows in my career.

What got you wanting to improvise?

I got into Improv by accident.  In 1995, I was working at a Barnes and Noble bookstore, when a co-worker invited me to a show called "Friday Nite Improvs".  (Technically, he needed a ride after work, and he said he'd cover the $3 admission fee.) FNI, as it was known, ran 11pm-1am every Friday Night at the University of Pittsburgh, and the show was an "all audience participation" format where the host would explain the short form games and audience members were picked at random to play.  Since Pittsburgh had 8 colleges and Universities within walking distance, the show was never short of participants. Easily 100+ people would attend every Friday . Some were required to as part of their theater programs, but they all came back for the fun. Over the next five years I attended every week, I joined the House Team, "The Susquehanna Hat Company", and eventually became a regular guest host.  FNI was formative in my theater career, and it was where I cut my teeth. I took part in 5 24hr improv marathons with FNI and helped raised thousands of dollars for the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force. With the Hat Co. I had weekly performances at the "Funny Bone" comedy club and consistent gigs for private and corporate events. Two fascinating things about FNI: #1 The show ran from 1989-2014. #2 Fellow CSZLV Pro-Roster player, Michael Hartnett also got his start with FNI and Hat Co.  He moved to Las Vegas in 1994, the year before I stepped in. We didn't meet until 2004 when I moved to Las Vegas.

What is your favorite thing about ComedySportz?

I think my favorite thing with ComedySportz is the energy and support the players all have.  The moment I joined the team, I was family. Some of my longest and best relationships have come from improv teams I've performed with, and I have no doubt the friends I've made with CSZLV will last a lifetime.

Favorite Comedy film or TV show?

I'm a child of the 70's, so what I remember most is being able to stay up late with my mom to watch M*A*S*H*.  I think it's one of the most brilliant TV shows in history, and I love to emulate the notion always found in the episodes that reality can be funny if the truth of the moment is never lost.  M*A*S*H* always kept the elements of war in the background, but was able to find the humor in aspects of life to which we could all relate. I love taking those concepts into my performances; to make my characters as real as possible, but twist them just enough for our fans to relate and laugh at the connections.

Two truths and a lie about you

1) I once saw Gary Busey get stabbed in the back.

2) I can eat Milky Ways and Pay Day candy bars, but Snickers Bars hurt my teeth.

3) When I was 14, I suffered a massive concussion, and was dead for 2 minutes.

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