Getting to Know: Melissa Arechiga

I watched "Who's Line is it Anyway/" as a kid as well as my friends perform when I was in grad school. I was always mesmerized by how quick they could create something on stage but could never bring myself to actually participate. Four years ago I moved from Colorado to Las Vegas, with that move I found my confidence and spontaneity. I had revisited improv and comedy after reading books such as Tina Fey's "Bossypants" and Amy Poehler's "Yes Please." With that new found zest for life I decided to attend a drop in class in August of 2016.

I was hooked.

I could create something on stage and people... laughed. But it was more than getting a laugh, it was the community, the support, the freedom to "fail" (we are making this stuff up in fact) and the concept of listening and saying yes! I had never been around such a positive social environment before, such support and I truly felt that I had "found my people" as I wrote on Facebook when walking out of my first class that August day. I read books, looked at videos online, attended level classes at local theaters, workshops by amazing teachers from Las Vegas and beyond and attended classes at The Second City in Hollywood. 

As I became more involved in improv, I felt a new appreciation for my career. By day I am a researcher, more specifically a clinical research monitor for studies in Oncology, Neurology, Dermatology and overall patient safety. The job is intense, you are constantly worried about patients, often you work remotely and the level of stress can be overwhelming at times. However, with the concepts I learned in improv, I was able to breathe, to listen more, to appreciate the opinions of others and work together to resolve an issue. 

I also met a nice guy, he was my buddy at first and now the love of my life. He's an improviser and my best friend. To say improv has changed my life for the better would be an understatement. It has transformed my way of thinking, of viewing the world and my life in ways I could never imagine when walking into the drop in class three years ago. I now perform with Las Vegas Improvizational Players, coach high school kiddos  and will talk to anyone... to the point of amazing, excited exhaustion about the beauty of this art form. 

As a new member of ComedySportz, I am so excited to perform with these amazing people. ComedySportz is a nationwide community of support, the clean burning environment makes it a safe place for anyone to play and watch. You can bring your friend, your parents, your kiddos and they will have a wonderful time. The energy of this organization and players will keep you excited well after the match. 

So... yeah... come watch some improv and take a class! The benefits are amazing (told you I was a clinical researcher)!

Favorite Comedy TV Show or Film:

I love 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, Friends, Arrest Development and The Mindy Project. 

Two Truths and a Lie - 

1. I am an only child

2. I can't swim

3. I own a goat 

Alright, she may have given you a tell us which is the lie by dropping us an email with the subject line: "I know what Melissa is lying about!" for a chance to win a free ticket to see ComedySportz.

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