Getting to Know: Stephen Rokitka

* How long have you been improvising?

I took my first improv class in September 2012 with the Las Vegas Improvisation Players. It was the first week back to school (I'm a high school math teacher) and, at that time, getting back into the "grind" that is teaching was worse than I've ever experienced before. I knew about a free workshop LVIP offered from Teacher Appreciation week in April or May, but I didn't act on it until September. It was a blast! I made a bunch of new friends who I now consider family and I've been attending classes/workshops/shows ever since (seven years running).

* What got you wanting to improvise?

I watched too much Whose Line is it Anyway? growing up (thank you Dad). I didn't know the fundamental skills behind what they were doing and I have no previous acting experience to fall upon. But I followed the game structures and the personalities involved and, to this day, I continue to laugh at all the clips.

Paul Lirette, LVIP's Director, inspired me to continue with improv. He sent me an email welcoming me back the following week, and described one scene I did in particular, stating, "I'll never shop for clothes at Target the same way again!" 

* What is your favorite thing about ComedySportz?

The play style. Play fast, play to win (and don't care if you lose), and it doesn't let up throughout the show. You can't take your foot off the pedal, it's 90 minutes of action and I love every minute of it!

Favorite Comedy film or TV show?

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

You think Law & Order: Criminal Intent is funny?

...I may have read it as the film only being Comedy, I'm tired....

Whose Line is it Anyway (UK Version)

Two truths and a lie about you

I was born in Buffalo, NY

I scored 5 goals in my first ever soccer game.

It took me 5 years to finish Final Fantasy X.

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