Getting to Know: Trina Colon

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

How long have you been improvising?

This is a trick question. I first started improvising with real "stakes" when I got in trouble for biting a girl's arm on the school bus in 1st grade. She told the nuns on me and I was immediately overtaken with the immense desire to create an alternate reality, where biting this fleshy arm of a bully second grader through her synthetic tartan uniform was not just something that happened in which I should be punished, but a necessity to save the entire bus, if not the whole first grade from peril.

Oh, that's lying you say? Okay, well, if we can not count THOSE improvised performances, then I would have to say...I started playing improv games at one of my first acting workshops when I was about 9 or 10 years old. We had to walk through our neighborhood and enter establishments as anyone but ourselves and complete an entire transaction without breaking our made-up character. I loved it. I loved it more than the actual acting work sometimes. It was not until many years later that I figured out this can be its own thing- its own art. I have sought it out ever since. (P.S. I did break from performing for several years to raise children and work in the corporate finance/banking world. It almost killed me. The corporate part, not the children. This is a family show people!)

What got you wanting to improvise?

Improv is writing, performing, costuming, set dressing, sound effects, and lights all simultaneously pulled from the ether. When we can spin every one of these plates and bring a world to life, it is actual alchemy. It is capable of enriching every aspect of our existence with connection, imagination, and joy. See also question 1.

What is your favorite thing about ComedySportz?

The diverse community that comes together to entertain. It is a show. It's part pro wrestling, part mad science, part Shakespearian soliloquy. The matches organically change, being influenced by the collective conscience of the room. It is improv magic with a clear cupid's bow to the audience. In short, it makes people love this art!

Favorite Comedy film or TV show?

Ghostbusters. I have watched it 100's of times and do not tire of it. Bill Murray can make me laugh without even saying anything. I do like the ladies version and will talk trash to anyone who takes issue it- FYI.

Two truths and a lie:

I lived in a van (not down by the river)

I lived in a Funeral Parlor

I lived in a Tee-Pee

Tell me which one is not true?

Well, go on and tell her on our Facebook page. We know Trina; she'll tell you if you're right or not...or she'll bite your arm.

Got any questions?

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