Improv Was My Middle School Sweetheart

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought it only fitting to tell you about my one true love — improv. Let me tell you the sweet story about how we met.

First, I was a super duper shy kid. I was the quiet kid who took up space but never tried to call any unwanted attention to herself.

I was certainly NOT:

• the smart kid

• the socialite

• the pretty one

• the athletic kid

• or even the class clown

I was just quite little me, eking my way through my young life because I just never really fit in.

In the 7th grade that things changed. I was sitting in a registrar’s office, being enrolled into a new school in a new town. What a gruesome situation for any kid, let alone one who has a hard time fitting in. I thought my life was over.  Then these words came out of the registrars mouth: “How about you try out our improv class?”

What a nightmare! But, in actuality, this turned out to be the most pivotal moment in my entire life. Improv class opened up my entire world and it suddenly made sense. I learned the value of saying “yes” instead of letting fear take over. I learned about teamwork and taking chances. I learned about successes and failures and how so many times the failures were more fun if you committed hard enough. I began to believe in myself and trust I could do anything.

While I’d always been an imaginative, creative kid deep down, I found that I suddenly had a voice. But, it wasn’t my shy voice... I could be ANYTHING or ANYONE that I wanted to be!

Improv not only helped me come out of my shell, but it helped me see the joy and fun that life had to offer. I never wanted to miss out on that again due to my shyness. Improv was my middle school sweetheart and I’m happy to say that I’m still in love after all of these years.

So, if you have ever once had an inkling of trying out improv, consider enrolling in a class at ComedySportz Las Vegas. You won’t find a more loving and supportive environment. Especially if you, too, have a bit of a shell that you’d like to come out of.

Trust me... you, too, may fall in love!

- Written by Kristi McKay

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