Jesters unite!

Hi there!  I am the High School Jesters Improv League's Coordinator and creator.  The same way students can play for their schools football team or swim teams, in Las Vegas, NV they can perform for their school's improv team.  I have spent seven days a week, over 10 years, working with the school district and the state of Nevada to offer this unique opportunity to as many students as possible.

Before this league existed, I walked into a ComedySportz theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the first time and it changed my life. 17 years later, I actively use all of the skills I learn from improv in my everyday life - even outside of the Jesters League. 

What improv can do for your life is extraordinary. ComedySportz brings improv to over 30 cities across the United States and Europe and now, finally, to our wonderful city of Las Vegas. 

As the High School Jesters League expands and revolutionizes improv in schools, having friends and experts like ComedySportz to work side-by-side with allows more of the world to reap the benefits of this life changing art form, improvisation.

ComedySportz is a home to me, and everyone is invited to our home. Shoes are optional.

Kopy Jest Serendipity High School Jesters Producer & CEO

Editor's note: Come see Kopy perform in a variety of roles for us, from Referee to Mr. Voice, as one of our Pro Players at The Space. We do ask that you wear your shoes.

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CSz Las Vegas

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