More than "just" improv

Improvisation is both a deeply admired and sometimes misunderstood art form. At its best, fans remember with delight “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” or famous moments in TV or film that were said to have come “off the cuff”.

When it's misunderstood or played poorly, critical voices may claim it’s self-indulgent and, all too often, seemingly pointless.

To be clear: ComedySportz uses improvisation. However, ComedySportz is not “just” improvisation. This is a careful but important distinction to make due to my respect for improv and those who perform it in many forms. At the same time, those who may not have the same level of understanding or interest in the inner workings of the many styles and uses of improvisation that exist, I repeat: ComedySportz is not “just” improvisation.

One thing that makes ComedySportz unique is that it’s absolutely for all ages - by design and decades of branding.

“Oh, you mean it’s a kids show?”

No. It’s a high energy, competitive improvisational match for everyone - literally. We often have multiple generations of family members at the same show all enjoying it equally. Think of it, atmospherically, like going to a Golden Knights game; Great music, over the top announcer, mom and dad can have a beer, junior can have a hot dog and a soda and everyone can clap their hands and scream for their favorite team. Grandma and Grandpa can do whatever they want because they’re Grandma and Grandpa.

We’ve got another level that goes beyond a typical sports offering: you can actually play along with us. That’s not a threat - you don’t have to. But every show is different because it depends on you, our Loyal Fans, telling us what each game is going to be about. Your suggestions drive the scenes. Your votes tell us who wins. Your laughs make us weak in the knees - thanks for those.

We are highly competitive and deeply committed to your fun. If you’ve seen improv that made you cringe, we’re sorry and we get it. We’re also sure it wasn’t us. Come see what makes ComedySportz different and we’ll make you a loyal fan - no extra charge.

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