Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone but...

I am originally from Canada. That's not the secret. I started my improv journey many years ago at the age of six. That's not it either. I’ve been zip, zap, zop-ping and machine building - both popular improv games - for a very long time. I loved it from the start and thought I'd do it forever! 

However, life kind of "took over" and those youthful aspirations were put on hold for almost twenty years. Over the last few years, my life has come full circle and I re-entered the world of theatre and improv.  

At about that same time, ComedySportz moved into town -- how convenient indeed! Right away I knew I wanted to be a part of this venturing, growing community. Auditions took place in January of this year. I was beside myself when I was officially drafted to be on their roster. 

I have never met such an incredible group of people who are so talented, loving and supportive. The idea of teamwork and acceptance goes above and beyond. It’s a place where being your true self is not only encouraged but celebrated. 

What I love most about improv is that anyone can do it, and everyone should do it because the truth is - shhhhh, don’t tell anyone: we are improvising all the time! Much as we might like to think we control the circumstances of life, we don't. Therefore, we improvise. Think of that everyday conversation you have with your family: Improv. Ordering food at a restaurant: Improv. Driving down the street: major improv!

Now, by consciously building this skill every day, I’ve realized I can live better by using our improvisation skills: being vulnerable, trusting, and ‘yes-ing’ are just a few tools we can use to live a more meaningful and purposeful life. A whole world of play and laughter is really all we need and, more than ever, I’m so glad I get to experience this daily. 

So there's my not-so-little secret. Feel free to share it.

-written by Zannie Seguin

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