The power of commitment

Dirty little secret: nobody knows anything.

If that scares you, good. If that makes you excited, even better. If you’re apathetic, click this tab closed, this one’s not for you.

One of the main tenets of good improv is to “be committed”. No matter how ridiculous the offer, setting or character, if you say “yes, and” confidently, you’ve got a very good chance of succeeding. But let even one crack of doubt in there and you’re sunk.

On stage it’s rather obvious - which is one of the beauties of improv: it either works or it doesn’t because you’ve made yourself clear and relatable enough to an audience for them to say “yes, and” to you, too. “I believe what you’re doing and I want more of it” - that’s the unspoken contract an audience makes with a clear and relatable offer. As a performer, you don’t need to see it. You can hear and, as you progress, you can feel it, too.

It works the same way in business. One of the worst things people do in meetings is present ideas as if they had just saved the world. Nothing could be further from the truth, regardless of how “good” or “bad” the idea is perceived to be. The value of the idea will only be known upon its execution. And that execution won’t happen without full commitment. This is why, at ComedySportz, we commit to “yes, and” - because nobody knows.

Even with full commitment, there’s a reasonable chance of failure. That alone scares some people off of commitment right there. And, without ever having become, so goes the value of the once world-saving idea.

Success and commitment are bed fellows. Some would argue you could say the same for failure and commitment. While that’s true, failure is also equally comfortable with lack of commitment, while success is not. Success is never born without commitment; It doesn’t just happen. Failure does. To put a fine point on that: commit and you may succeed or fail (nobody knows!). However, don’t commit, and you’ve already failed - that’s known.

Again, it’s not what we’re capable of, it’s what we actually do that we are measured on and by. Only with full commitment can the problems with the idea can be diagnosed. And all ideas have problems.

Believe it or not, problems can be fun, depending on how you approach them. Solving problems gives us a tremendous sense of value. We did something together because...wait for it...we committed to it together!

It all starts with commitment. And then, each step of the way, we must circle back and recommit. Every step in the process is another “yes, and” commitment built on the last.

Committing to the unknown with full energy and vulnerability is the trick. Yes, it’s scary. It’s possible to build an environment, however, where these fears are lessened by a commitment to the team, process and each other.

We’ve done that for over thirty years at ComedySportz and we’d love to share some of that with you. Commit to give us a call or email - then we'll execute some fun, tangible play to get you the results you're looking for.

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