The quest to be the best

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Improv is, and always has been, my favorite art form.

There is something so impressive and satisfyingly shocking about seeing a master of this art taking over a room with quick wit and fearless performance. But hereʼs what I came to understand very early in my improv career; master is a relative term.

Because what constitutes an improv master? Weʼve seen the best, from Kids In The Hall, to Whose Line Is It Anyway, break character or flub a delivery or shake their head, at a loss for how to proceed on stage. Surely a master improver wouldnʼt do such a thing. Except, all of those snafus are brilliant in their own way. Theyʼve made it into an art. Because they accept that that is part of the fun. A huge part of that is the camaraderie that is so evident when watching these maestros give and take with each other on stage.

Reflecting on my own improv journey, it wouldnʼt be a stretch to say that being part of an improv team as a freshman in high school helped build the confidence that I try (and occasionally fail) to exude in my day to day life. If weʼre being honest, many of us were the awkward and nervous ones that flipped a switch once those lights bathed us in their glow on stage. It was our catharsis. Still is.

On that note, ComedySportz finding its way to Las Vegas, through the beautiful Yin and Yang of Robert and Justin, our fearless leaders, has been something of a godsend. It had been too long since I had done competitive improv, and I jumped at the chance to be part of the inaugural season for Sin City. They actually have a championship between all the cities and, though we're not eligible to compete in it yet, I believe we've got a great shot at it when we do.

I look forward to interacting with my fellow players that love the art as much as I do. Players who look forward to practice days and show days as a way to truly be themselves, if only for a few hours.

My son is almost two, and for those of you that have kids, you know the parent struggles. Nothing more needs to be said for you to catch my drift. He is the light of my life, and kind of a butthead sometimes.

At first, I was surprised at the strict family-friendly nature of ComedySportz shows. After all, weʼre all adults here right? Except, they strive for something more. Bringing that experience to the masses, young and old, a show that would make my son and grandma laugh, cheer, and smile - that's special. Iʼve embraced this, and come out a stronger performer.

Iʼve learned so much already, been challenged in more ways than I knew were possible. And Iʼm learning from the best, next to the best, to be the best. Not a one of us brings the exact same energy to the stage. And it makes us a more powerful team because of those differences.

It is a journey that is just beginning, and will lead to Las Vegas holding that Championship trophy.

Written by one of our favorite Muppets, Spenser DeWees. You can see him rock our arena at The Space on Sunday, Feb. 17th. Tickets available here.

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