My first day taking an improv class I declared, “THIS IS THERAPY!” It freed me up to say “YES!” to every idea that came my way. I became confident and supportive on stage and off. I still find myself counting the days till my next workshop, class and rehearsal!

As I continued learning I found that I was striving to always make my partner look and feel brilliant. We found that when we support one another, we ALL WIN! It’s pretty great to be reminded that every suggestion I give or is given to me, is as a GIFT! These are wonderful life lessons! They translate in every area of my life.

Because of improv, I found my current job as a Gatekeeper at KA by Cirque Du Soleil. Gatekeepers are part of an improv team that helps to load the show. Improv has become a daily part of who I am. Not to mention it just makes me laugh.

I’ve been blown away by the acceptance and support in the Las Vegas improv community. I began classes in 2006 with Second City LV. The Las Vegas improv community has ebbed and flowed since then but in the last few years, has become stronger and more connected than ever!

My very first thought when ComedySportz held its initial meeting was, “I love this kid, Justin!” I loved his positivity, wit and energy. Then I thought, “WOW! what an awesome thing to see... the Vegas improv community merging so seamlessly!!” I was excited by the feeling of something so BIG and still so intimate and so connected... a Worldwide Comedy Family?! “I’m IN!”

ComedySportz has not only been inclusive to me, but also to our Loyal Fans - no one is “just” an audience member at our shows! I love how everyone is so involved! ComedySportz has done an amazing job blurring the fourth wall - there is virtually no divide between our playing field and our Loyal Fans.  Every match is this cool, crazy dance between us all. I can comfortably invite friends, family and their kids to our matches, happily knowing that we’ll put on funny, fast and all ages appropriate improv. Our ref uses the Brown Bag to ensure no one will have to employ earmuffs.

ComedySportz isn’t just another venue, another place for me to exercise my improv muscles. It’s a place full of improv family and friends. It’s a community without borders. No matter our size, color, age or background, we have one thing in common that makes us instant family and that “thing” is COMEDY!

And laughter is the best medicine.

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