What I'm looking for in 2019

With auditions coming up on January 6th, 2019, I wanted to give a little information about what I’m looking for in our new players and give you a bit more information about who and what ComedySportz is.

We had our Grand Opening for ComedySportz Las Vegas in September 2018. This was after three very fast months of practices and getting our ensemble together. We’ve had Loyal Fans, some who have known the brand from other cities (there are 30 other cities in the CSz league, which has been around since 1984), tell us how much they love what we do. “Hilarious”, “fast”, “engaging”, “family friendly and still entertaining for adults” are some of the great things we hear.

We know it works - which is awesome. Now we’re ready for phase two: and this, hopefully, involves you.

We’re looking for more players. We have a tremendous Pro Roster in place, built from some of the best Las Vegas has to offer. One of the interesting things about our team is the diversity of age and experience. We have players who have played with ComedySportz in other cities, in addition to other big name improv groups like iO, Second City and UCB. We also have some players who have never performed outside Las Vegas and have learned from those with the higher credentials. Here’s the great thing - and something that I truly believe separates ComedySportz: we all play together.

Yes, there are levels to matriculate within our program and all of us are still learning - that’s a commitment all the Pro Players make. Nobody knows it all and anyone who believes they do has too big an ego for our room. The structure of ComedySportz, as a presentation - which can be done in many forms and in a wide variety of settings - naturally brings people together. While the show certainly shines in moments due to the individual talent up on stage, the foundation it’s built upon is everyone having each others backs and playing by the rules laid out by our founder, Dick Chudnow.

“We work as a group — as a team,” Chudnow writes in his document, ‘how to play’. “We share focus. All our work is teamwork.”

As a performer, I understand how that might sound challenging, perhaps even contrary to how you’ve been taught. We’ve all seen performers rewarded for “stealing scenes” and “forcing their way to the front”. This is the direct opposite approach of what we do at CSz.

“Our focus is to make our teammates look good,” Chudnow wrote.

For those that have played or are fans of team sports, this will be obvious to you. But don’t worry if you haven’t played or don’t watch, because what we do isn’t comedy about sports, it’s comedy played as a sport.

Being the newest team in this league stocked with players who have decades of experience under their belts reminds us every day that we’re part of something much bigger than ourselves. The timing in our growing desert oasis couldn’t be better.

We hope you’ll join us for auditions on January 6th so we can share the fun with you and you can help us grow.

Sign up for auditions here.

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