What is Applied Improvisation?

We get that question a lot - which is great! Please, keep asking. But in case you just want a quick written overview, here's one we liked from our friends in at ComedySportz Sacramento. Remember, ComedySportz has been training Fortune 500 companies for over 30 years in cities across the U.S. and Europe. So please give us a call us when you're done reading this so we can help make your next corporate or training event the best you've ever had.

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Most people know improv through performance.  Perhaps they’ve been to an improv show or seen one of the various incarnations of Whose Line on TV.  But there is a large, separate field of improv called Applied Improvisation or AI for short.  In broadest terms, AI refers to the application of improv in a non-performance setting.  We've had clients call us to support their programs and businesses in therapy, design, team building, negotiation, and customer service.

Here are a few specific examples of how we've applied improvisation with some of our clients:

* Improving the active listening abilities of phone-based sales representatives for a high-end real estate service.

* Exploring differences of perspective for consultants within the health care I.T. market.

* Strengthening presentation skills for warehouse shift leaders.

* Building trust, establishing cooperation, and reducing gossip among school staff members.

* Developing effective team work within and across departments at a major consumer service provide.

* Enhancing communication among care providers and clients during home visits.

We customize each AI engagement by learning about the client needs, then drawing from an extensive portfolio of AI exercises and games.  Similar to physical exercises, some AI exercises cover a broad set of topics while others address specific issues.  Many well-planned AI sessions will also include exercises in which the participants work in small groups and other exercises where everyone works together. 

The interactive nature of AI-based training provides the opportunity for the participants to learn both from the facilitator and through self-exploration.  Maybe the greatest advantage of AI-based training is that it's fun. While we never put people on the spot, and laughter isn't a specific goal, it naturally comes out of the play - another reason why AI is engaging, effective and long-lasting.

There's your quick AI primer. Feel free to give us a call at 702-623-2700 or email robert@cszlasvegas.com so we can deliver collaboration, inspiration, gratitude and fun to you.

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