What the heck is improv?

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

I find that most people don't understand what “improv” is. I know that I wasn't sure. Having grown up in the Chicago suburbs, I knew that it was making stuff up as you go along. As I got older and went to Second City shows, it became obvious that there was a lot more to it. Never did I think that I could perform improv.

That's the thing- you aren't really performing, you're playing. There are certain rules to improv, like always saying “Yes, and”. By agreeing and adding on, you are driving forward. Such an easy concept. When I came home from my 1st improv class and told my wife about this rule, she said “Why don't you 'Yes and' some more around the house. The laundry needs to be done, yes and, the dishes too.”

There are many principals in improv that translate over into business and personal life. It taught me how to listen better and gave me self confidence. I helped me be more social. One of the simple joys of improvising is that you are never alone onstage. It's a team concept. So many business professionals can learn this from taking ComedySportz improv classes.

Some people are afraid of improv. It usually comes from being nervous about what other people think of us. That's another core principal: don't judge. That not only means the other people you're playing with, but also not judging yourself. I know I'm my own biggest critic. Playing improv has helped me curb this bad habit. Not all the way, but enough to get out of bed in the morning.

The Rec League on Tuesday nights from 7-9pm is a great opportunity to play without the commitment of signing up for a class. Not only will you have a BLAST, you'll meet and have fun with other people in a positive environment.

I encourage everyone in Las Vegas to explore themselves through playing improv at ComedySportz.

- Written by Keith Lyle

Keith Lyle is one of our Pro Players and a very funny guy. He's worked extremely hard to be all ages appropriate, as per CSz brand specs, and you should see him now!

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