When you read this shocking blog, you'll have to improvise.

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Hello there, I’m Trina. I’m not a spokesperson, but I’ve played one on TV. I have written multiple sales pages and ad copy, so I am suspicious when I see classic persuasive language framing anything with a positive spin. The idea behind this piece is to tell you about myself, and my relationship with improv and Comedy Sportz. I became reluctant to write about myself and my experiences in a glowing fashion, not only because the rereading of such a text felt inauthentic due to my natural aversion to enticing you to bandwagon with me on this great experience, but also because it’s easy to invalidate my own opinions. So, at the risk of being vulnerable, I say to you here, it’s easy to feel less than enough. It’s easy to listen to those negative voices about the validity you lend. It’s easier than jumping on board the emotional feel-good train.

I start with this because:

1) Robert said I needed to make this more personal and

2) I constantly witness these feelings plaguing others.

Improv has been my antidote to the small voice that sits nearby, feeding thoughts of inadequacy. I have found improv to be the proverbial “Thneed” that can be used in countless ways to fix a variety of daily perceived shortcomings. I truly cannot say enough as to how improv, specifically in a nurturing and supportive environment like Comedy Sportz, has positively shaped my view on trust, relationships and ultimately the universe at large. I will spare you the rabbit hole trilogy of my philosophy on the subject and in lieu of such volumes, I give you this:

Are you tired of the same routine? Do you look in the mirror and see someone you no longer recognize? Is your hair grey? Are crows’ feet creeping around your eyes? Do you feel unfulfilled? Are you struggling with debt? Were you a victim of a predatory loan? Is your marriage rocky? Is your house a mess? Do the gutter leak? Are your tools rusty?

Well, I have the solution for you! IMPROV! What’s IMPROV you ask? Well, it’s exercise for your imagination! I know, I know exercise sounds like work, but IMPROV is not work… it’s PLAY! Oh, I know what you're saying. Play is for kids, right? Well folks did you know play is proven to:

Increase self-esteem

Improve mental and physical health

Provide Opportunities for developing social skills

Builds resilience through risk-taking, problem-solving, and dealing with new situations



Imagination is kids stuff you say? Did you know Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”? So, throw down those books and jump into IMPROV.

How will IMPROV help me look younger you ask?

As we age our imagination tends to atrophy and will sadly droop sooner than those jowls. An unused imagination can lead to thoughtless conversations, boring interactions, mundane daily routines sucking the last bits of joy from the slowing ticking moments of our days. Have no fear, with IMPROV your imagination will soon be firing on all cylinders. Your brain will have washboard abs, and you will be able to find joy in everyone and every scenario you encounter!

IMPROV will have you swimming in lava rivers, firing spaghetti rockets from your fingertips, and brushing your teeth with hockey sticks while wearing octopus shoes. Soon you will have better relationships, a cleaner house, fewer crows’ feet, and more laugh lines.

You must hurry because IMPROV won’t wait. It moves fast and classes and shows are available in limited supply (excluding Chicago).

BUT WAIT! I am here to give you the amazing opportunity to be part of IMPROV for small weekly payments of time and courage.

If you act now, I will personally give you 2 installments of courage FREE!

That’s right you have two free installments of courage plus a lifetime supply of experience, trust, and communication building at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

NOONE is giving this type of deal so ACT NOW- this deal won’t last forever. GET YOURSELF SOME IMPROV.

Visit: https://www.cszlasvegas.com/classes OR Call: 1-702-623-2700 and sign-up for IMPROV classes and workshops. Our operators are standing by.

-- written, heck, performed by, Trina Colon

Classes start April 9th. Act now. Or now. Or even now.

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