Your family deserves this much fun. Give it to them.

The energy at ComedySportz Las Vegas (CSz LV) is unparalleled. Their commitment to acceptance, making players and audience members feel at home is incredible.

I was born and raised in Las Vegas and always wished that there was a place where improv comedy could live in this town.  Other schools have come and gone, but this is why I think CSz LV is here to stay: The second that you walk into a CSz LV show you realize you are in a different world; you feel as if you are part of something bigger than what you planned today. I have seen wonder and excitement many times on the faces of new Loyal Fans as they enter our Arena. We work hard to make sure the audience is right at home with us.

When I taught improv and sketch in Los Angeles, I always told my students they needed to let the audience know their part in our match, so they don’t feel like just another person paying for a show. We do exactly that at CSz LV.

That brings me to acceptance. The reason I think this kind of team work and energy exists at CSz LV is because all the players are welcoming and selfless. They don’t want the show to just be fun for themselves; everyone wants the show to work and be fun

for the Loyal Fans.

There is very little ego that I have run into at CSz LV -- that is a very rare thing to find, especially among comedians. Acceptance has, in my opinion, propelled CSz LV to a must-see show in Las Vegas. Add to it that the show is absolutely appropriate for all ages and you have something you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else in Sin City.

Many big name companies come to Las Vegas and seem to forget that families live here. There is nothing more I enjoy than seeing all of the children in a group of CSz LV Loyal Fans getting lost in the amount of fun they are having. To watch one get their first shining moment on the field (our stage) as a volunteer in a game is a moment to behold.

There is nothing more I enjoy than seeing a family take a day to be a family - and have fun doing it. I’m so happy to be a part of a comedy experience that offers that to our local community. You have to go to a show to experience the overwhelming peace you experience from knowing you chose the right outing for your family to attend.

I could not be more proud of what CSz LV is achieving here. I hope that the community takes notice, embraces CSz LV, and helps us grow because I know me and my teammates will do everything we can do embrace the community.

-- Written by Vincent Massi

Our next round of classes start April 9th. Sign up here. And we'll see you there!

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