We're more than just funny business!

What a fun match yesterday! We want to t

Do you have a company? Know of a company? Just want company?
Our ComedySportz® Matches are portable events that tailor themselves
to the needs of your group. CSz plays for companies, colleges, schools, churches, conventions and many other organizations - over 1600 groups
since 1989. We're totally flexible, and we'll make you look good -
anywhere, at almost any time.




"Happy Hour"

We get it--you're sick of another meeting! Whether you're looking to add some fun to a weekly work event or want to see your employees connect in a way unimaginable from their own homes, we've got a package for you. Become the hero of your office and book a Happy Hour session now!


We're totally flexible, and we'll make you look good -

anywhere, including online, at almost any time.

What a fun match yesterday! We want to t



Whether it's a block of seats at a ComedySportz® Match, a Private Event just for your group or a customized improv workshop, CSz Las Vegas has your needs in mind.

CSz has hosted and toured to private groups since 1989.

We had so much fun playing with Iterable


Improvisation is not “winging it." It’s a highly-refined system of observing, connecting, and responding. We use improvisation to build teams, like the ones that play in our award-winning matches.


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