**Please Note that All Shows are currently being performed online through zoom**


"Not comedy about sports,

 it's comedy as a sport!"

ComedySportz is an action-packed, high energy comedy show for all-ages! ComedySportz is comedy performed as a sport. Two highly-trained teams of professional improvisers battle it out for points, always awarded by you! 

Each show is unique and based off your suggestions We believe comedy is for everyone and every ComedySportz show is for all-ages! Come join the fun as a dedicated 'loyal fan' and cheer on your favorite team to victory.



Knockout is a King-of-the-Hill comedy showdown!

The night starts with 8 comedians vying for the top spot. But after every round, the audience knocks out contenders until only one is left standing at the end. One comedian goes home with bragging rights, and one volunteer goes home with a trophy. Will you be able to last until the final round, or will you be Knockout?!


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