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Unleash Your Inner ComedySportz Player!
Master improv, build confidence, and let your talents shine!


Welcome to the CSz Las Vegas High School League – a dynamic journey where students from 9th to 12th grade unlock the world of improv, acting, music, and more!


Our program spans 12 electrifying weeks of top-notch training under the guidance of seasoned ComedySportz players who not only dazzle audiences weekly but have also dedicated years to mastering the art of ComedySportz. Having worked extensively within the CCSD school district, each instructor is certified, background-checked, and ardently passionate about nurturing both budding and experienced young performers.


Beyond the skills of improvisation, students will uncover lifelong treasures: leadership, quick thinking, positivity, teamwork, and a burst of self-confidence. And the cherry on top? Every student will shine in our High School League matches, with guaranteed performance opportunities in at least two shows open to friends and family.


Dive in and let your teen's comedic genius flourish!


Dive deep into a holistic curriculum that covers everything from improv and acting to music. Whether you're a budding actor or someone who just loves to bask in the joy of spontaneous comedy, our program offers a structured path to refine your craft and broaden your horizons.


Beyond the stage, students discover invaluable life skills. They'll develop leadership abilities, think on their feet, and face challenges with a creative and positive mindset. Each session is an opportunity for personal development, boosting confidence and fostering resilience in the face of the unexpected.


Learning is pivotal, but showcasing that learning? It's exhilarating! With three High School League matches on the agenda, every participant is promised the thrill of the spotlight at least twice, allowing them to share their newfound comedic prowess with friends and family.


Jump into a spectacular 12-week journey with the CSz Las Vegas High School League! Starting on September 30th and going through December 16th, from 10am to 12pm. Our High School League matches are slated for December's Fridays - the 1st, 8th, and 15th, with curtains rising at 7 pm.

Be ready to learn, laugh, and light up the stage!


Securing your spot in the CSz Las Vegas High School League is a breeze! For just $300, your teen gets 12 enriching sessions – that's just $25 per session! And for a limited time, if you're keen on doubling the fun, seize our limited-time "Bring-a-Friend" offer. Register two hilarious high schoolers for just $500! Simply apply the code "CSzBuddy" at checkout and let the comedy duo magic begin.

Hurry, the laughter and savings await!

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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