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Notice anything different? Your captains

CSz Las Vegas

Bringing great teachers to you!


Special Guests teaching valuable skills!

Meet Luis Cortez!

Luis David Cortes is a Mexico City born, LA raised, Chicago resident. In addition to having appeared in several national commercials and TV shows(English/Spanish), Luis has also toured with the National Theater for Children, Story Pirates, ComedySportz Chicago, Second City Theatricals aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines, and as part of the award winning musical improv team, Baby Wants Candy. Luis has been a team-building/improv instructor since 2006 having taught for Fortune 500 companies and organizations such as IBM, Coca-Cola, Walt Disney Company and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Luis also created and co-taught a Consent in Improv workshop in partnership with IDC (Intimacy Directors and Coordinators). Currently Luis is the Director of IDEA (Inclusion Diversity Equity Accessibility) for ComedySportz Chicago.


D&I and Consent Seminar

With Luis Cortez

$15 | Sunday | August 21st | 2pm - 4pm

Over the last few years we have seen interest grow in the worlds of Diversity, Inclusion and Consent. But they encompass so much information that it can be overwhelming deciding where to begin or how that might look for your theater or team. In this Seminar, Justin Green and Luis Cortes will walk you through the basics of these topics and answer those burning questions that you’ve had but have not been able to ask. Our goal is to arm you with enough information so that you can confidently begin doing your own research, work and growth for you and your theater/team.

Scene Work Clinic

With Luis Cortez

$25 | Sunday | August 21st | 6pm - 8pm

Have you reached a point in your playing where you feel like you're in a bit of a rut? Do your scenes feel like a struggle or come off very similar to each other? Has it been a while since you went over your basics? With 25 years experience in both short and long form improv, Luis Cortes will walk you through a personalized refresher and touch up clinic to help you reach the next level in your improv journey.

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