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and lots of laughs.

CSz High School League Is Here!


CSz Las Vegas High School League offers teens a thrilling dive into the world of improv comedy. Over a 12-week program, students from 9th to 12th grade receive top-tier training in not just improv, but also acting, music, and more, all under the guidance of seasoned ComedySportz professionals. But it's more than just performance skills; participants forge new friendships, learn the essence of teamwork, and experience genuine personal growth, culminating in live matches where they showcase their comedic prowess to friends and family.

Welcome to CSz Las Vegas, home to the most exciting local comedy shows in Las Vegas. Experience our family-friendly shows, featuring live local comedy that will leave you laughing out loud. We're not just about entertainment - we're a hub for learning too. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, our improv classes in Las Vegas offer a unique opportunity to sharpen your skills and dive into the exciting world of improvisational comedy. Looking to boost morale and foster teamwork in your organization? Our corporate team training workshops are just what you need. Infused with humor and engagement, we provide an innovative approach to team building. Start your comedic journey with us today!



Competitive. Improvisational. Comedy!

ComedySportz is an interactive and improvised comedy show that pits two teams of improvisors against each other in a hilarious battle of wits. Using audience suggestion and willing volunteers, CSz Las Vegas professionals create short games, scenes and songs on the spot! While only one team wins, everyone leaves victorious after a hysterical

night at ComedySportz!

Our live matches return to Mom's Basement Theatre,

located at 3441 W. Sahara Ave Suite C4.


We have awesome and wildly adaptable comedy shows for all occasions! Check out our staple show, ComedySportz at our home theater or let us bring the fun with one of our other options. We guarantee there's a show that's perfect for you.


Want to learn a new skill, train to be a Pro Roster Player, or simply laugh and destress? We have classes for all ages, goals, and experience levels. Come get some

improv training!


We can transform your work environment. Learn the skills we use in improv to build teamwork, improve communication, and increase productivity. This is training that works because it's fun and backed by science.

CSz Worldwide

ComedySportz is a national organization located in over 30 cities across the United States and Manchester. If you're looking for the same great comedy show, but a little closer to home, check out one the cities below. Tell them Las Vegas sent ya'!

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